A General Mills Protestor Explains Her Stance


Bernardine writes to the StarTribune about why she is choosing to protest General Mills:

"Recently, I was one of the many protesters outside the General Mills corporate offices and spoke to the company's vice president of communications. I asked why a company like his would ever come out with a statement against the marriage amendment. His response was that the issue had been thought about for some time. My view is that when the media asked the company to state its position on this issue quite often, then monthly, then weekly, the company succumbed to the pressure and made this uninformed statement.

... So many people in this democracy believe in the strong foundation of a marriage between a man and a woman; it is incomprehensible that a large company that markets many of its products to children would choose this position.

A company should be interested in a good product and sales. It can make all the cereals and products it wants, but if there are no buyers, it will fail. General Mills, please choose mother, father, children in the future."

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