150 Hispanic Churches Represented at Yesterday's Marriage Rally in Front of Sen. Diaz' Office!


The Christian Post reports:

NEW YORK - Hispanic ministers representing over 150 churches in New York rallied Thursday against the state's gay marriage bill, which is one vote short of being legalized in the New York Senate.

Supporters of New York Hispanic Clergy Organization gathered outside the office of Bronx Sen. Ruben Diaz to protest the gay marriage legislation and affirm their strong support for Diaz, the only Democrat state senator who will vote no on the bill. The Rev. Diaz, who is a Pentecostal minister, is the president of the Christian Hispanic group.

Diaz "has received many threats to his life and also negative comments towards his views. We say to those who have opposed, that we are united by our creed, belief, and he is not alone," said the Rev. Dr. Andy Torres, a vice president of NY Hispanic Clergy Organization.

... The Rev. Joel M. Bauza, public relations director of New York Hispanic Clergy Organization and senior pastor of Calvary Church in Bronx, told The Christian Post that around 50-70 ministers and supporters joined the rally but they actually represent hundreds of thousands of church members around the state.

"This is only a portion of what we're capable of," he said.