Why Libertarians Should Oppose SSM: It is "At Odds With U.S. Liberties"


Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council writes in the Albany Times Union:

Advocates of homosexual marriage are putting on a full-court press to overturn the definition of marriage as a male-female union. However, they still need one more Republican vote in the state Senate to succeed.

Most Republicans support only male-female marriage, but a few waver based on what they regard as libertarian principles. They tend to be fiscally conservative (favoring low taxes, small government and a free market) but socially liberal (opposing laws against drug use, gambling and consensual sex).

... To argue that the same principle should lead us to redefine the institution of marriage, however, is to commit several logical errors and overlook the serious consequences of such a redefinition.

Here are some key reasons why a libertarian outlook does not require support for same-sex "marriage"...