NY SSM Activists Panicked Over Lady Gaga Lobby Antics


NY Daily News:

Lady Gaga has activated her "little monsters" in the gay marriage battle in New York - a move supporters of same-sex nuptials fear will only anger reticent lawmakers.

... In two tweets, [Gaga] urged fans to go through the Human Rights Campaign to contact fence-sitting senators, including Buffalo GOPer Mark Grisanti.

HRC's Brian Ellner insisted the megastar did not coordinate her efforts with advocates - and now some worry she's doing more harm than good.

... Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg rushed to the Capitol Thursday in a last-ditch effort to convince Senate Republicans, who have been agonizing over how to deal with the issue, to allow a vote on the gay marriage bill.

... Some Republican senators oppose bringing the measure to the floor. Others, despite opposing gay marriage, want a vote to get the issue off the table before next year's elections.

Many believe allowing a vote will result in Conservative Party backlash that could make it tougher for the GOP to keep its thin majority.

And there are Republicans who don't even want to consider the issue until they pass some of their legislative priorities, such as a property tax cap.