Update from NY: GOP Conference Meets Privately, No Decision on SSM Yet


The New York Post on the latest out of Albany:

Tense dueling protests shook the Senate’s marble halls this morning as the chamber’s Republican majority huddled privately over a jam-packed agenda that included a possible vote on gay marriage.

... “Once again, we urge you to stand strong for traditional marriage and not put a bill on the floor,” Long said. “Any bill that will harm our state should not be allowed a vote.”

...  The Conservative chairman has threatened to strip the party’s endorsement from any Republican senator who votes for marriage, a move that could jeopardize the party’s one-vote majority and its only toehold to state power.

... Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Nassau) has so far not committed to any action on the marriage bill, despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s assertion last night that New Yorkers were “entitled” to a public vote.

“The governor at one time said he didn’t want a vote on marriage unless it was going to pass,” Skelos told reporters after he arrived this morning. “He’s changed his tune. We haven’t conferenced that issue and some point we will.”

Any vote would follow action on the omnibus rent bill, meaning action was unlikely until late tonight and possibly might not come until tomorrow or Friday.