After SSM, What Next? Firing Christians for Pro-Marriage Views


OneNewsNow reports on a grave violation of individual religious liberty:

An American-based corporation that designs and sells consumer electronics and provides communication services has allegedly fired one of its leadership consultants for his political and religious views on same-sex "marriage." Dr. Frank Turek has gone public with his story.

In 2008, Turek was hired by San Jose, California-based Cisco Systems to design and conduct a leadership and team-building program. After completing a training session earlier this year, a manager in that session phoned in a complaint to Marilyn Nagel, senior director of inclusion and diversity for Cisco, after learning about Turek's book Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone.

"The guy who saw the book never read it -- he just didn't like the fact that I was against same-sex marriage," Turek tells OneNewsNow. "And he told the in-charge director there about it and they fired me within hours, without ever even looking at the book or even ever asking me a question. They just fired me without ever talking to me."

Turek says he challenged Nagel about how he could be fired for embracing a conservative worldview which was never discussed in the workplace, but contends he was only given platitudes about the "inclusive" work environment of Cisco.

Let's help ensure this doesn't happen to Christians in New York! Call the undecided Senators right now!