CRITICAL ACTION NEEDED: GOP to Decide Fate of Marriage Bill Friday


Dear Marriage Supporter,

This evening the Republican Caucus in the state Senate will meet to debate whether to bring the same-sex marriage bill to the floor for a vote. UPDATE: the Senate will reconvene tomorrow (Friday) to decide this question.

Included in the mix are religious liberty amendments which no one has yet seen, much less had the chance to be vetted by leading religious liberty experts.

Please take a moment to urge the Republican members of the NY Senate to kill the same-sex marriage bill. There's no reason they should sacrifice their principles in order to hand Governor Cuomo a political victory. Republicans have plenty to lose – and nothing to gain – by caving to Governor Cuomo at the 11th hour.

Tell the Republicans to stand firm, kill the bill, and the let the people of New York decide the future of marriage.

Click here to take action now!

I hope you'll click on that link and send your message right away. The caucus meeting will begin in just a few hours – your email may be the one that gives these Republican senators the support that they need to stand firm. UPDATE: please continue to contact your Senators through the night and Friday morning!

Then tell your friends!