Damian Goddard Fights Back: "This Could Happen to You!"


LifeSiteNews reports:

A former top sports anchor who revealed to LifeSiteNews Wednesday that he is filing a human rights complaint against Rogers Communications, after the company fired him for publicly backing true marriage, says his termination over his deeply-held religious beliefs affects all Canadians.

“My message to the millions of Canadians participating in social media is that ‘this can happen to you’,” said Damian Goddard Thursday in an official statement. “I was terminated 24 hours after expressing a widely-held opinion from my personal Twitter account - an opinion consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. And an opinion that is supposed to be protected by Canada’s constitution.”

... Goddard’s lawyer, William Gale, said his “sudden and very public termination” is “a clear violation of Damian’s freedom of speech and his freedom of religion - two fundamental rights that are supposed to be afforded to every Canadian.”