The situation in New York is fluid and remains very urgent. I am asking for you to take action one more time, with targeted messages going to specific New York senators.

Send an Email to NY Senators Now! Your action today could make the difference between victory and defeat.

Shortly after yesterday's newsletter went out, the New York Senate adjourned for the evening at around 11pm ET. The Republicans are conferencing behind closed doors again today as they wrestle with the same-sex marriage bill.

Please take a moment to send targeted messages to the 28 senators who are publicly standing for marriage, the 3 GOP swing votes, and the 3 Democratic swing votes.

In just a few minutes, you'll be able to thank the 28 senators who have publicly announced that they will vote NO on the same-sex marriage bill, and at the same time remind them that if Governor Cuomo's same-sex marriage bill is bad for New York, there's no reason to even bring it to a floor vote.

Under Senate procedure, the majority party is responsible to decide which bills are voted on and ultimately passed. Even President Obama opposes same-sex marriage, at least in word. Help the Republicans see that if same-sex marriage comes to New York, they are the ones who will bear responsibility – and have to answer to a Republican base that strongly opposes gay marriage.

Specific messages will also be sent to the handful of swing votes that will shape the outcome of the bill if it does come to a vote in the full Senate. If you have the time, take a moment to personalize these messages to communicate your personal concern over the outcome of this bill.

Click here to send your message now!

Back to the fight! We'll keep you posted.