Maggie Gallagher: The NY GOP Will Pay a Grave Price


NOM Chairman Maggie Gallagher in NRO's The Corner last night:

New York Republicans are responsible for passing gay marriage. The party will pay a grave price.

Here is what we know. In state after state, Democrats who control a chamber in support of their base have prevented votes favorable to marriage: Iowa, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania.

When Democrats are in the minority, they’ve demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their base — in Wisconsin and Indiana fleeing the state to prevent a vote.

N.Y, Republicans did not have to bring gay marriage up for a vote: What does it mean that they passed gay marriage in N.Y.?

Michael Long, the Conservative-party chairman, has vowed to withhold his endorsement. TheNational Organization for Marriage has committed $2 million to persuading Republicans: Voting for gay marriage has consequences.

Sad that the N.Y. GOP has caved. Consequences to be continued.