Maggie Gallagher in USA Today: Gay Marriage is Not an Increase in Liberty


NOM Chairman Maggie Gallagher challenges USA Today's editorial board to confront the key issues they're missing in the marriage debate:

USA TODAY's Editorial Board is bending over backwards to find a way of engaging the marriage debate that escapes the key question: Is there a reason why marriage is the union of husband and wife, not only in our culture, but in almost every known human society?

Here's our answer to the evaded question: Marriage is rooted in real differences between same-sex and opposite-sex unions. Only a union of husband and wife can make new life, and connect those children in love to their mother and father. Society — and government — have a unique interest in promoting marriage to further this goal.

Abraham Lincoln once famously asked, "If you call a tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?" Four, he answered, because a tail is not a leg, even if you call it one. [Continue reading...]