NOM Launches New York Campaign!


Today, NOM announced a major new initiative to mobilize grassroots opposition to same-sex marriage in New York State.

One of our largest state efforts to date, the New York campaign is highlighted by an initial $100,000 radio and TV ad buy, with ads running in Long Island, Albany, Poughkeepsie, and a handful of other New York markets through the weekend. The radio and TV ad campaign follows on a massive automated phone campaign begun last week, contacting 1.4 million New York households in 25 key senate districts to identify and mobilize opponents of same-sex marriage.  We even have an electric billboard up in Times Square!

Already, thousands of concerned voters are flooding New York legislative offices with phone calls and emails urging their state senator to oppose the gay marriage bill passed by the Assembly earlier this month.

Join Us!

With a Senate vote on the gay marriage bill expected before the end of June, we have a small window of opportunity to build the massive grassroots network that is needed to stop same-sex marriage in New York. So we're reaching out to churches, community leaders and personal networks all across New York State, urging people to invite their friends and family to join our cause. The robocalls and TV and radio ads help identify new marriage activists we would have no other way of reaching in the short period of time available.


1. Share this message with everyone you know who lives in New York! We're shooting for 50,000 new marriage activists in New York over the next 2 weeks. An ambitious goal, but the sort of grassroots uprising that will be needed to send a clear message to our senators in Albany. Please share this message right now!

2. Help fund the robocalls and TV/radio advertisements. These methods have proven to be an amazingly effective means of reaching new allies, but they take a big investment as well. Please consider making a gift to help us keep these ads on the air and expand our buy into new markets across New York. Use this hyperlink to make a secure online donation of $50, $100, or even $500 if you can, to help get the message out! Every person we reach becomes a part of our marriage action team not just for this effort, but in the future as well.

3. Finally, if you live in New York, please call and/or email your state senator today! Call (518) 455-2800 to reach your senator, or use this link to customize and send a personalized email message. It's imperative that your state senators continue hearing from you and all your friends. They are under immense pressure from gay marriage activists and special interests, and need to hear loud and clear from their constituents: Marriage is a husband and wife. Period. Stop messing with marriage.

Keep up the good work! We're on the path to victory, but need to keep the momentum building! Please stand with us today.

Thanks for all you do.