New York Bar Association Met Privately With Sens. Grisanti and Saland Prior to SSM Vote


In the New York Law Journal:

Mr. Younger [past president of the state bar] said that the "local touch" also was important. He said that Buffalo attorney Vincent Doyle, the current president of the state bar, and Susan Laluk, the outgoing president of the Monroe County Bar had visited Republican James Alesi, who announced his support for the bill last week. Also, Mr. Doyle had visted Republican Mark J. Grisanti, who remained undecided until the last minute but eventually backed the bill. Mr. Grisanti said during the debate that his background as an attorney was important in making his decision. He also cited "research" that showed that civil unions produced chaos rather than full equality, a position that mirrored a conclusion reached by the state bar two years ago.

Finally, Mr. Younger said that he had talked to Poughkeepsie Republican Stephen Saland, another undecided senator, who backed the measure this evening. Messrs. Grisanti and Saland provided the votes that finally put the measure over the top.