Marriage Group Fights to Keep Traditional Definition


Charlie Butts,, July 5, 2010, 6:30am

The Summer Marriage Tour 2010: One Man One Woman, a campaign for traditional marriage, is preparing to hit the road.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), will be taking his organization on a month-long bus tour to promote marriage between a man and a woman. He tells OneNewsNow this summer is an important one for marriage.

"The fact is that we're expecting a court decision in California that could invalidate the votes of millions of Americans in 31 states to protect marriage as a union [between] a man and a woman," he explains.

That is a reference to a trial challenging Proposition 8 and the November 2008 vote made by the majority of Californians to preserve traditional marriage. That case is expected to go to the Supreme Court, where he says five justices could create a "constitutional right for homosexual marriage."

With that in mind, NOM plans to accomplish several goals on its tour. The organization hopes its 20 rallies will send a strong message and encourage people to take a stand for traditional marriage.

Brown thinks that will "make clear, especially to the courts, that the people aren't going to stand for activist judges to overturn the will of the voters. We're going to stand up and let Congress and the courts know that we want our vote to be respected and not overturned."

The NOM president adds that the tour will also show that proponents of traditional marriage are well organized and set to battle Congress and the courts if they try to change the definition of marriage.

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