Sen. Grisanti to NOM: "Do What You Gotta Do"


Your News Now reports:

There may be political fallout for some New York State lawmakers who voted for the same sex marriage law.

In a fundraising email to supporters, the National Organization for Marriage announced its pledging $2 million to help reverse the gay marriage law and oust the lawmakers who supported it.

... "Mark Grisanti's vote was an absolute and total betrayal. Mark Grisanti asked us in his first bid for the Senate in 2008 to support him. He promised that he would protect marriage as the union between a man and a woman,” said Brown. “He not only betrayed us, he betrayed his voters. He is at the top of our target list."

"I'm comfortable with my decision and my vote because I think it was a balance, and whatever NOM wants to do, as I said, that's what makes this country great. Go ahead and do what you’ve got to do" said Sen. Grisanti, (R).

... "There's a big integrity issue that's going to be a problem for these lawmakers in the future,” said Reverend Kevin Backus. Backus is pastor of Bible Presbyterian Church on Grand Island and a member of the Conservative Party. He thinks Grisanti simply broke his word to his supporters.

"The integrity issue is paramount. If you stand in front of a committee and you say, ‘I'm unalterably opposed to this’ or you say ‘I won't vote for anything that has marriage in it’ and then you do. What are we supposed to make out of anything else you tell us?" said Backus.

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