Tim Gill Spent At Least $3 Million, Others $500K+ to Pass SSM in NY


In New York, gay money talked, the NY Capital News reports:

New Yorkers United For Marriage, a coalition composed of gay rights groups such as the Empire State Pride Agenda and Marriage Equality New York, and underwritten in part by the Gill Action Fund, reportedly spent $3 million on the spring campaign to pass the marriage bill.

In 2009, supporters of the bill spent $1,193,275 and its opponents spent $745,371. Supporters also spent $419,678 on individual candidates last year, outstripping the bill’s opponents by tens of thousands of dollars, and the most recent campaign filings are expected to show exactly how much LGBT groups spent in the final months of their campaign for the bill’s passage.

Bill Mahoney, an analyst for the New York Public Interest Research Group, expected the amount to be the second-largest lobbying expenditure of the year.