Memo to Conspiracy Theorists: I'm Proud to Help NOM!


One of the things I've learned since coming aboard the National Organization for Marriage this year is that gay bloggers and activists pay very close attention to what NOM does.

Why? Because NOM matters.

One of the rumors they're trying to circulate now is that I'm trying to "hide" my association with NOM. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I made my association with NOM public on my personal blog immediately, and I regularly make a point of mentioning my work with NOM whenever I am interviewed on the topic of marriage.

I'm also a big part of the editorial team that provides content for the NOM blog, website, and social media properties. And you'll be hearing a lot more from me soon. Frankly, I'm really excited about what NOM has in store and I'm proud to be serving with the excellent people here who are completely dedicated to protecting marriage as I am.

In case that matters to anyone.