Prof. Michael Filozof on The Need For A Militant Conservative Movement


LetThePeopleVote.comProf. Michael Filozof urges conservatives to become proactive instead of reactive to organized cultural pressure from the left:

The political strategy of conservatives and Republicans for the last several decades has been purely reactionary -- to wait for leftists in power to screw up, then reap the electoral rewards...But this strategy concedes the agenda to the left. At no time has the right actually been in control of the national agenda in any meaningful sense.

... By failing to form a militant conservative movement, defend bourgeois values, and suppress leftist radicalism, the right has created a monster. The left has already gotten nearly everything it wanted -- abortion, pornography, welfare, homosexual marriage, socialized medicine, a submissive and internationalist foreign policy, out-of-control federal spending, and federal interference in virtually every facet of American life.

... The right's strategy of conceding the national agenda to the left is exceedingly dangerous. The left's solutions to any one of a number of issues on the table -- deficit spending, cap-and-trade, energy security, Iran's nuclear program, illegal immigration -- could deal a mortal blow to the nation.

Biographical note: Filozof is an adjunct professor of political science at the State University of New York at Brockport. He says he was denied tenure by his faculty peers because of his pro-Bush/Iraq War views.