Star Parker: A Few Rich Libertarians Help Undermine Freedom


LetThePeopleVote.comIn TownHall:

... Yet these same libertarians, who accept the gravity of changing the meaning of words in a document several hundred years old, in a blink of an eye use money and political power to change the meaning of a word thousands of years old.

Not just any word. A word – marriage – central to human social reality.

... Rosa Parks was not trying to redefine what a bus is. She was asserting her right to sit wherever she wanted on it.

Preservation of language as a vessel for underlying truths has always been central to racial justice in our nation. As Lincoln made clear at Gettysburg, we wound up with over a half a million dead fighting over the integrity of the word “equal.”

... Check on the quality of freedom in our inner cities today, where young black men and women have the same regard for marriage as do these hedge fund managers.

It’s been said that when words lose their meaning, people lose their liberty. It’s something all of us, even wealthy libertarians, should keep in mind.