Illinois Prof. Says He Was Fired for Saying He Agrees With Catholic Teaching


An adjunct professor at the University of Illinois says he was fired for "hate speech." The professor who teaches a course in Catholic thought, says he was asked by a student if he agreed with the Church's teaching on sexuality--sex is appropriate only in the context of a marital union, which the Catholic Church defines as one man with one woman.

In an email, he said yes, "Natural Moral Law says that Morality must be a response to REALITY . . . In other words, sexual acts are only appropriate for people who are complementary, not the same."

The email was forwarded to his department head and he was fired, Fox News is reporting.  Perhaps this isn't the whole story. But if this is what happened it's outrageous. But not totally unexpected.

When Ted Olson and David Boies read the Catholic Catechism into the judicial record as evidence of hatred and bigotry, we can expect powerful others to act like this too.