Video Replay: Sponsor of IL Civil Union Bill Falsely Claimed Threat to Adoption Agencies "Red Herring"


On April 26th, 2009, Rep. Greg Harris --one of the lead sponsors of the Illinois Civil Unions bill that become law this June-- dismisses concerns raised by the Thomas More Legal Center's Peter Breen as "red herrings":

When Mr. Breen brings up (at the 3:00 mark) the threat to adoption agencies run by religious groups like the Catholic Church, Rep. Harris responds:

"There's nothing in there [the bill] that forces them. We don't change the adoption code and I think these are sort of red herrings."

Fast-forward to this week, where the state of Illinois is attempting to do exactly what Mr. Breen warned they would do if the bill was passed, and exactly what Rep. Harris dubbed a "red herring."

Red herring? Think again.

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