Sponsor Who Thought IL Civil Unions Would Protect Religious Liberty Appalled By the Result


Let's remember this the next time gay rights groups promise religious liberty will be respected and protected:

State Senator David Koehler (D-Peoria), sponsor of this law, recently expressed his frustration that the legislative intent of the law, made explicit during Senate debates, is being violated.

Sen. Koehler made it abundantly clear during floor debates that the civil union law was intended to protect the rights of social service organizations, including adoption agencies, to carry out their duties in accordance with their faith.

When he learned that before the civil union law had even taken effect, homosexuals were challenging religious childcare agencies that prohibit the placement of children in the homes of homosexuals, Sen. Koehler proposed a religious exemption amendment to protect the rights of religious organizations involved with adoption and foster care and which receive state funds from being compelled to place children in the homes of homosexuals.

The amendment was defeated in the Senate Executive Committee. The irony in this is that our civil union law is titled the "Religious Freedom Protection Act and Civil Union Act."

...  in Senate discussions, the issue of the rights of religious social service organizations was specifically addressed and now, just a few months later, public policy groups are saying exactly the opposite of what the bill's sponsor said at the time the bill was passed. -- Illinois Family Institute