NY SSM Prompts More Marriage Officers to Resign


LetThePeopleVote.comIn the Times Herald-Record (covering the Hudson Valley):

Both of Deerpark's marriage officers are resigning their posts on the heels of the change in the state's marriage laws recognizing same-sex unions.

Town Clerk Flo Santini has resigned as a marriage officer. Supervisor Karl Brabenec says he's planning on turning in his letter of resignation as a marriage officer at Monday's Town Board meeting.

Brabenec, a Republican, said his resignation was in response to the law allowing same-sex marriages in New York, which clashes with his Roman Catholic faith. "I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman," he said.

As a civil official and a marriage officer, Brabanec would be required to perform any legal marriages, so he is giving up the post.
... Marriage officiant is an unpaid, volunteer position in the town and requires officials to be available on weekends. Brabenec said at this time, the town has no plans to replace the marriage officers.

If you need any more evidence that SSM advocates believe faith in Genesis is the same as racial bigotry--and intend to act on that aggressive and radical belief--here it is:

Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said the town is leaving itself open to legal action if it refused to provide anybody to perform civil marriages.

"It reminds me of a school district in the South (in the 1960s) that closed rather than integrate," she said. "The time for that type of bigotry has ended."