Long Island Catholic Newspaper: Grisanti "Took the Catholic" Out of Vote


LetThePeopleVote.comFrom the Long Island Catholic (the official newspaper for the Catholic diocese of Rockville Center):

New York State Senator Mark Grisanti ran as a Catholic Republican opponent of same-sex “marriage” in 2010. In June 2011, he became a key vote ensuring its passage, telling a local newspaper: “If I take the Catholic out of me, which is hard to do, then absolutely they should have these rights.”

Richard E. Barnes, executive director of the New York State Catholic Conference, told CNA Grisanti showed a lack of integrity as a Catholic by “ignoring” the “teachings he knows full well” on the subject of family life.

“I don’t think that a public official should ever ‘take the Catholic out’ of himself or herself, because Catholic positions are meshed perfectly with public policy positions,” said Barnes, who directs public policy advocacy efforts for the New York bishops.

“No person should say that they are a public official and need not live according to the tenets of their faith. And I find it disappointing that he felt he had to do that.”