Sen Diaz: Threats to Prosecute Town Clerks Who Object to SSM an Outrage


New York Senator Ruben Diaz comes out swinging:

Since when do district attorneys decide to pick and choose which "official misconduct" should be prosecuted as a criminal offense?

New York State can't even sustain a conviction against former Republican Senator Joseph Bruno for official misconduct when he was charged with taking huge financial favors to shape legislation and other matters for friends! How can district attorneys be allowed to selectively criminally prosecute middle level clerks and staffers for adhering to their core religious principles?

Does anyone actually believe that a clerk's failure to assist in gay marriage should be raised to the level of criminal activity?

If it does, then this new zeal in prosecuting official misconduct by government officials who fail to totally fulfill their governmental duties should amount to an open season for all five New York City District Attorneys to start prosecuting across the board any number of government officials employed under the tenure of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

... Let's keep our eyes open and see just how this new zeal for justice will be applied. It will either been done equally — or selectively to enforce social engineering."