In Iowa Bachmann Speaks About Parents' Divorce, God's Role in Her Life


Did you know she was a child of divorce? We didn't either. There's hope for a strong and happy marriage:

In one of the first appearances by a 2012 Republican presidential candidate at a church service, Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann opened up about her personal life Sunday and shared how her parents’ divorce, losing a child through miscarriage and finding God impacted her life.

Speaking to more than 500 people at the Des Moines First Assembly of God church, Bachmann shared how she grew up as a Lutheran and lived in Waterloo until the sixth grade, when she was 12. But a year after the family moved, her parents divorced. Her mother sold everything including the family home and all of the wedding gifts, and got a job in an attempt to support her daughter and three sons.

... Richard Jess, 61, of Des Moines, said he’s a political independent but there’s a good chance he’ll participate in the Feb. 6 Republican caucuses. He called Bachmann’s speech “very uplifting” and said he is impressed when someone has faith to trust in God and turn our country around.

“Of course being in a church setting, there was nothing political about it. She was simply speaking from the heart and how she felt,” Jess said. “I think she speaks the truth. In the time that I will take to evaluate all of the candidates, she will be a very serious candidate for me.”

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