Cuomo Says Vote Will Be Political Asset; Sen. Alesi Worries About Primary Challenge


In PolitickerNY:

...Asked whether he will support the Republican senators who voted for marriage equality, at the possible expense of a Democratic State Senate, Cuomo said he thought the vote itself would help them.

“What I’ve said is I believe the legislators who voted for marriage equality, this is actually going to be an asset to them in their campaign; I believe that,” he said.

“Yes, there’s opposition, but by the way, there’s opposition to everything.

...”Alesi has had a strained relationship with both the Republican and Conservative parties in his home district, for a variety of reasons predating his marriage vote, but cautioned Republicans against trying to oust him in a primary.“I don’t think this is the make or break issue here,” said Alesi. “I think it’s important to understand for someone like me, if I were the loser in a primary, I don’t know of anybody else in my district that is going to hold this seat.

I hold this seat because I represent the district well…So a loss in a primary for me, I think, would be disastrous for the Republican majority.”