Maggie Gallagher to Albany Times Union: "Gay Marriage Has Consequences"


Published yesterday in the Albany Times Union:

In response to your July 22 editorial, "Gay marriage, a legal reality": Ruth Sheldon just resigned as clerk of Granby, a job she has held for 15 years.

In the unlikely event a same-sex couple showed up in this little town, Granby could easily have designated another employee to issue the license. Sheldon and others are now out of a job and health insurance, because at least one district attorney has shamefully announced an intent to criminally prosecute people like Sheldon who do not believe in gay marriage.

The Times Union stands by and applauds. Gay marriage has consequences.

We do not have to accept unjust laws imposed as part of a corrupt sell-out by Republicans in Albany. Let the people vote.

Maggie Gallagher


National Organization for Marriage