Washington State SSM Update: "Currently the Votes Aren’t There in the Senate"


But Washington State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (D) says they think they could get there.

They may even bring up a bill knowing it could fail, they say in this interview:

On a gay marriage bill:

Sen. Murray, who pushed through the gay civil rights bill as a state rep in 2006 and has moved a series of domestic partner bills in the senate the last four sessions, says he’s still strategizing on a move for gay marriage. (Murray is one of six out gay legislators in Olympia.)

“Currently the votes aren’t there in the senate,” he said referring to both Democrats and Republicans. “That doesn’t mean we can’t get there.”

“We may go to leadership and say this is the year we want to to push it through even it fails,” concluding “We will not be able to pass a marriage equality bill without a bipartisan vote without Republicans. We also know that we’ll face a ballot initiative. We want to win at the ballot. So that’s going to play into what we decide to do legislatively.”

“Maybe we can get there,” Brown added.

Time for our supporters in Washington State to be vigilant!