Michigan Makes Strengthening Families & Marriage A Priority


Michigan is going on the offensive when it comes to rebuilding a healthy marriage culture:

Strengthening Michigan’s families, while transcending partisan politics.

That’s the emphasis of five marriage- and family-related bills introduced in the Michigan Senate last month.

The five bills “provide incentives for premarital education, require divorce effects programs for divorcing couples with minor children, create parenting plans and eliminate legal barriers to clergy engaging in marriage and family counseling.”

Brad Snavely, executive director of the Michigan Family Forum (MFF), said, “The decline of the family has played a significant role in virtually every major social problem facing our state.”

While there are many issues worthy of the Legislature’s time and attention next session, he said addressing the fragmentation of the family must be a priority if legislators are serious about securing a bright future for Michiganders. --CitizenLink