Pro-SSM NY Democrat: "I Think There Should Be Investigations"


PolitickerNY reports on a Democrat New York Assemblyman who supports investigating the process which led to the passing of gay marriage in New York:

In an interview with the major Jewish news organization, Vos is Neias, Democratic congressional candidate David Weprin agreed with the outlet’s assertion that that some violations may have taken place in the State Senate and that the matter deserved some type of investigation.

Weprin, who voted for the bill as a member of the Assembly, said:

“I am too particularly concerned about procedural violations, if they were done. The violations that you refer to actually occurred in the other house, in the State Senate, not in the State Assembly. And I think there should be investigations and I think the process should be looked into I think from all sides point of view, people have to feel that there was a fair process, that the vote took place without coercion. Similar to when you’re in a court of law, you have to state that you’re taking a position or any kind of plea in any kind of criminal case without any threat of coercion or any undue influence. So there is no question I would be open to any kind of, you know, investigation, looking into procedural issues.”