Colombian Christians Issue Statement Condemning Court Decision to Redefine Marriage



The leaders of Colombia’s major Christian denominations have issued a joint statement asking the nation’s Constitutional Court to protect the institution of marriage and reject a petition to create homosexual marriage as a constitutional “right.”

The statement, which was signed by representatives of the Catholic Church, Evangelical Protestant churches, Methodists, and Anglicans, states that “the bond between two men or two women cannot constitute a true marriage or a true family, and much less can the right to adopt minors be attributed to it.”

“Anthropologically and psychologically the integral complementarity of the couple is of a man and a woman, with the purpose of a union in love, of the fruit of love in children and the creation of a family, ” the prelates add.

“We respectfully invite the magistrates of the Constitutional Court to decide this important matter keeping in mind the profound social implications of its decision, the good of Colombian families and the ethical values of the country.”

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