NY Sen. Ball, Who Didn't Cave on SSM, Says He Has the Most Campaign Cash


In Albany Watch:

Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Putnam County, put out a news release late yesterday touting the fact that he’s raised more campaign cash than any of the 13 freshman in the Senate.

After a bruising election last year, Ball, a former state assemblyman, has been able to restock his campaign coffers, raising $337,000 during the first six months of the year and having $249,000 on hand. The contributions also helped him pay off about $18,000 in outstanding loans he made to his campaign, part of roughly $40,000 in loans he’s paid off since January.

Sen. Greg Ball finally voted NO on redefining marriage. The four republican senators who flip-flopped on marriage experienced a financial windfall from gay activists shortly after they cast their vote.