Citzen Link: APA Does Not Represent All Psychologists


A good piece by Catherine Snow at Citizen Link to which we would add: unlike the definition of homosexuality as a mental illness, which is clearly within the APA's alleged expertise, there's also no particular reason to think psychologists are the experts on what the definition of marriage should be:

...Rogers H. Wright and Nicholas A. Cummings, past presidents of divisions within the APA and self-identified “lifelong liberal activists,” would not be surprised with the APA’s decision.

“Political diversity is so absent in mental health circles that most psychologists and social workers live in a bubble,” Cummings once wrote. “So seldom does anyone express ideological disagreement with colleagues that they believe all intelligent people think as they do.

“They are aware that conservatives exist, but regard the term ‘intelligent conservative’ as an oxymoron.”

In their book, “Destructive Trends in Mental Health,” Wright and Cummings concluded that the APA is now run by “agenda-driven ideologues” and that “psychology, psychiatry and social work have been captured by an ultra-liberal agenda.”

Political correctness is ingrained in the institutions of social science, academia and government agencies that they say it has a chilling effect on objective research — and free speech.