NY Daily News: SSM Bill's Passage Proof of Dysfunctional Albany Legislature


Along the way, they agree with many points raised by those suing to overturn the law:

By the standards of good government [...] the case [against NY's SSM law] is a dead-on indictment of Albany dysfunction. Lawmakers negotiated crucial changes in last-minute secrecy, disclosing the exact wording only moments before passage.

The public was also shut out of the only debate that really mattered - among the Senate's majority Republicans - which dragged on for hours behind closed doors.

Final deliberations on the Senate floor, meanwhile, were shamefully cut off after a few minutes.

Cuomo abetted the sped-up process by granting an emergency waiver that let pols pass the bill without the usual three-day waiting period.

Meanwhile, deep-pocketed supporters of gay marriage poured cash into the campaign accounts of friendly lawmakers.

The four GOP senators who decisively voted yes, for example, reaped $10,000 each from Mayor Bloomberg.

Unseemly? Yes. Unusual or against the law? Not in Albany, 2011. --New York Daily News