Cuomo Admits: I Can't Help the Republican Senators


He calls it "gutsy" to betray your constituents' views.  Well, that's one way of looking at it:

“There are many times when you have legislators who stand up and take gutsy positions that they’re penalized for,” said Cuomo, drawing a parallel to Congress members ousted over their vote for the assault weapons ban in 1994. “That’s why it’s gutsy.”

Although popular with Republican voters, Cuomo can’t, or won’t, say whether he would endorse those four Republican senators. He did, however, commit to vouch for their character.

“To the extent they have political trouble, it’s from the conservatives in their district,” he said. “I’m a Democrat. I’m not much help politically with conservatives. But to the extent my saying what they did, and explaining what they did can be helpful, I’ll do that.” -- The Advocate