Archbishop Dolan to Young Catholics: "Form Happy Marriages and Speak The Truth!"


New York City Archbishop Dolan is in Spain for an international gathering of young Catholics. EWTN interviews him about promoting a healthy marriage culture among young people:

Archbishop Timothy Dolan predicts that the recent redefinition of marriage in New York will have a “big impact” on future attempts by young people to build up Catholic family life.

“That’s a good example of how our young people find, very often, the culture of our society to be at odds with what they treasure as Catholics,” the Archbishop of New York told EWTN News...

Archbishop Dolan says the most effective thing that young Catholics can now do to defend marriage is “to model happy, faithful, life-giving marriage. That’s the best thing we can do.”

But he also stressed that young Catholics will have to be prepared to “never to shy away from the prophetic part of speaking the truth” in “letting people know that the defense of traditional marriage is not just some weird, superstitious, medieval Catholic cause.” Instead, it “is at the heart of what makes it for the common good - namely providing the healthiest, most wholesome environment for children.”