Nationally-Syndicated MN Talk Show Host: America's Silent Majority Raises Its Voice


Jason Lewis explains in the Star Tribune why Michele Bachmann and social conservatives won in Iowa, and why they are a potent force in American politics:

For those political pundits still scratching their heads over Michele Bachmann's victory in last weekend's Iowa straw poll, here's a piece of advice. You owe it to yourself to get out a little.

... Millions of Americans who have seen their social norms vanquished on the altar of an absurd political correctness. Their social conservatism is branded as bigoted, fringe and, of course, hateful, but they no longer care, they've had enough.

That's what Bachmann represents -- a leader who will make, if nothing else, a last stand for traditionalism. Someone willing to unapologetically declare that, all things being equal, children need both a mom and a dad.

... Agree with her or not, Bachmann is riding a potentially potent backlash that has emerged from those Americans who see an activist minority imposing its version of morality on the nation.