NJ Family Policy Council: PPP & Press Wrong to Claim Majority in NJ Support SSM


From a recent update by the New Jersey Family Policy Council:

As we reported last week, Public Policy Polling released an announcement at the end of July that a majority of New Jerseyans support legalizing same-sex “marriage.” But a reporter at Politicker NJ did a little homework on the statistics and discovered that PPP’s judgment was too hasty—or perhaps loaded from the start.

The polling organization asked two questions: should same-sex marriage be legal or illegal, and should legal recognition take the form of marriage or of civil unions. 47% of respondents said same-sex unions should be recognized—only five percent more than the 42% who said they should not. But on the second question, “if the choice was between gay marriage, civil unions and no recognition at all, the public evenly splits between gay marriage (41%) and civil unions (40%).”

The way to read these results is not that the two opinions are neck and neck, with same-sex “marriage” proponents having a slight edge. If you add the 40% who prefer civil unions to the 17% who want no legal recognition at all, the picture changes. The poll reflects a clear 57% majority opposed to same-sex marriage!