Santorum in Iowa: SSM Means Government Redefining What is Good


CitizenLink reports that presidential candidate Rick Santorum continues to speak out strongly for marriage and religious freedom on the campaign trail:

In the question-and-answer session, published today by The Iowa Independent, Santorum explains why he believes same-sex marriage — which is legal in Iowa — threatens religious freedom.

... “When you cheapen [marriage] by saying anybody in any relationship is the same, it’s not. So you undermine the institution, number one, and number two, you’re gonna undermine religious liberty in this country. We’re seeing it already,” he continued. “Anybody who does not recognize what the state says is ‘good’ and ‘right’ is a ‘bigot.’ (The government won’t) give licenses for adoptions to organizations that won’t do gay adoptions because they’re ‘bigots.’ And a lot of those are faith-based organizations.

“Will we go into pulpits and tell preachers they can’t preach that gay marriage is wrong? Well, maybe not right away, but maybe tax-exempt status is next. There’s a conflict here because we’ve created something that is not what it is. As a result of that, it will have a huge impact on people’s religious freedom. You see it in every country that has adopted it already.

“It will also have the impact of changing our educational structure. You’re seeing that already, too, where young children are being indoctrinated as to what ‘normal’ is. Now ‘normal’ is what the law says it is.”