Weprin Mystified As To Why Orthodox Community Abandoning Him Over SSM Betrayal


In this interview with The Jewish Press Assemblyman David Weprin, who is running as a candidate for the upcoming special election in NY-9, seems to imply he's owed the support of the Orthodox Jewish community, even if he abandoned them on marriage:

[The Jewish Press:] You've taken some heat in the Orthodox community for your vote in favor of gay marriage.

[Weprin:] I know it became a highlight in some of the rhetoric that's been used against me. But [where is] the hakaras hatov for over 10 years of support? When I was finance chair [on the City Council] I got blasted by my colleagues for supporting so many Jewish organizations. I started the autism initiative, where 80 percent of the money went to Jewish organizations, mostly Orthodox organizations, and there was a lot of internal criticism. I did capital projects for Agudah. My record [is clear] on funding for Ohel, for Agudah, for United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, all the JCC's, COJO of Flatbush.

When I was finance chair, I basically saved their funding. When Gifford Miller came in [as Council Speaker] he knew nothing; to him they all sounded the same. I literally was the guy who saved all of these.

Ten years ago, I was against gay marriage but in favor of civil unions. But what has happened is that the whole gay marriage issue has evolved into being more of a civil rights issue. I feel very strongly against discrimination against anybody.