COGIC Bishop George McKinney: Prop 8 ruling based on “outrageous comparisons between same-sex unions and interracial marriage”


NOM released the following statement from Church of God in Christ Bishop George McKinney this afternoon:

(Washington, D.C.) – Bishop George McKinney issued the following personal statement in response to Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling, and in support of the National Organization for Marriage. Bishop McKinney is a board member of the Church of God in Christ, the pastor of St. Stephen's Cathedral in San Diego, and a leading voice among Californian black church leaders for Prop 8:

"Seven million Californians went to the polls on November 2008 to vote to protect marriage. This federal judge in San Francisco has taken away our right to vote for marriage as one man and one woman, using specious and outrageous comparisons between same-sex unions and interracial marriage.  Support for marriage is not at all like support for racism. I pray that the higher courts and/or the Congress will overcome this unjust action on the part of Judge Walker, and that in the end truth and justice for marriage will prevail."

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