FRC Radio Ad Campaign Urges North Carolina Legislature to Support Marriage


FRC's Cloakroom blog:

Family Research Council Action (FRCAction), the legislative advocacy arm of the Family Research Council, launched a radio ad campaign today that will run on 20 stations across North Carolina.

The ads, which will run from today through Monday, ask voters to call their state legislators and urge them to vote for adding a marriage amendment to the ballot next year. The ad also encourages listeners to attend a rally at 11 a.m. Eastern on Monday, September 12 outside of the statehouse.

Of the ad campaign, FRC Action President Tony Perkins said:

“Marriage is the fundamental building block of our society. Children grow up with the greatest emotional stability in households with a loving and committed mother and father. Married couples rely less on government programs, and contribute to society rather than depending on the welfare state.

“North Carolina invests in itself when it allows its citizens to vote on protecting and defending marriage. We urge the legislature to take this important step for their state, and join the majority of states nationwide in approving a ballot vote on marriage.”

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