National Organization for Marriage Launches $75,000 Independent Expenditure Campaign in Race to Replace Anthony Weiner


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2011
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NOM Launches Indpendent Expenditure Campaign

Weprin Vote for Same-Sex Marriage Could Cost Him Election to Safe Democratic US House Seat

NEW YORK – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has launched a $75,000 independent expenditure campaign—the largest independent expenditure to-date—in the race to replace Anthony Weiner in New York's Congressional District 9. NOM aims to defeat Democrat David Weprin because Weprin voted to impose same-sex marriage in New York. NOM paid for separate mailers to Jewish voters, Latino voters and other likely voters. The mailers began hitting mailboxes today.

“This race is critical for the future of marriage,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “Why? Because not only did David Weprin, the Democrat running to replace Weiner, vote for same-sex marriage, he tried to use his Jewish faith as a justification for voting to redefine marriage. This has many in this strongly Democratic, but socially conservative district, up in arms and we intend to make sure people know about Weprin’s betrayal. In fact, we have more activities up our sleeves.”

Bob Turner, the Republican in the race has made it clear that he supports marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Proponents of same-sex marriage continue to tell legislators that no one has lost their seat over support for same-sex marriage.

“We know that it is a lie,” Brown said, “because we've defeated hundreds of candidates in states across America over their support for same sex marriage.” Brown said NOM was a leading player in the defeat of Republican Dede Scozzafava in the 2009 special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional district. Scozzafava was forced to withdraw from the race. NOM also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat US Senate candidates Bill Binnie (New Hampshire) and Tom Campbell (California), as well as unseat over 100 pro-same-sex marriage legislators in New Hampshire, Iowa, Maine, and Minnesota.

“We don’t care whether a Republican or a Democrat is elected to office,” Brown said. “We only care that a person who is committed to preserving marriage is elected. And make no mistake about it - there's only one reason David Weprin is in trouble in this race for a very safe Democratic seat: his support for same-sex marriage. We are committed to making sure that he never reaches the halls of Congress to do even more damage than he did in Albany.”

Brown said that NOM has been working hand-in-hand with the Orthodox Jewish and Latino communities to hold Weprin accountable for this his vote to redefine marriage. The group’s mailers will reach nearly 100,000 homes, and will be followed up by tens of thousands of phone calls.

“Our independent effort could make all the difference in this race,” Brown said. “But win or lose, there is no question that we are serving notice on every politician in New York who voted to redefine marriage: We’re going to hold you accountable. No amount of money from Wall Street billionaires and no amount of political cover from Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo will spare you the price of answering for voting to redefine the fundamental institution of society. We’re coming for you.”

The special election in the 9th congressional district is expected to have low voter turnout. The last poll by Magellan Strategies showed Bob Turner leading Weprin by four points.

“Here’s a question for the Human Rights Campaign and their allies in the mainstream media: if same-sex marriage is as ‘popular’ as is claimed, why isn’t David Weprin proudly touting his vote for this legislation?” Brown asked. “The reason is because when it gets down to it – when media bias and political spin no longer matter and it comes down to actually winning elections -- David Weprin knows darn well that supporting same-sex marriage is a terribly unpopular position for any politician to take. It may very well spell the end of Weprin’s career, and NOM is doing what we can to make sure that is the case.”

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