Post NY-9 Consensus: SSM Vote Was a Major Factor in Weprin's Defeat


Media outlet after media outlet makes the case:

American Spectator: "NY-9 is home to a significant number of politically engaged religious or orthodox Jews for whom the institution of marriage is fundamental and essential. And so, for them, Democrat David Weprin's vote to transform the institution of marriage in accordance with modern-day notions of "fairness" and "equality" was anathema."

National Review: The Turner campaign’s success in garnering Jewish votes was, no doubt, aided by the conservative instincts of the Russian and Orthodox communities, many of whose members were angered by Weprin’s New York Assembly vote to legalize same-sex marriage..."

The Wall Street Journal: "...Some conservative Jewish groups attacked Mr. Weprin, a state legislator, over his vote earlier this year in favor of gay marriage."

The Jewish Week: "As he left P.S. 255 on Avenue S in Midwood, Brooklyn, Tuesday morning, Albert Tebele said he voted against Democrat David Weprin because of the candidate’s vote in the state Assembly to allow gay marriage in New York."

The New Republic: "The district has a large Catholic and orthodox Jewish population, which makes issues like same-sex marriage (which Weprin voted in favor of it as a New York state assemblyman) [...] hot button issues."

CNSNews: "The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) released results of a survey Wednesday that shows that the same-sex marriage law passed recently in New York played a role in the Republican win in the congressional race to replace Anthony Weiner."

The Nation: "Brooklyn’s orthodox power broker Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind cited as his main reason for endorsing Turner [...] Weprin’s support for gay marriage."

Yeshiva World News: "Turner fought hard for Jewish votes over the issues of Israel and same-sex marriage, and Orthodox leaders were well-represented at his victory party at an Italian restaurant in Howard Beach."

Daily Beast: "...the bottom line is that New York’s 9th District is a place where the culturally conservative side of identity politics can play."

FoxNews: "There was also the fact that Democrat David Weprin was a proponent of a new law allowing same-sex marriage in New York."

Los Angeles Times: "Weprin had other things working against him going into Tuesday's vote: his endorsement of same-sex marriage, which enraged many of the Orthodox Jewish voters..."

Reuters: "The National Organization for Marriage said in a statement that voters has been unhappy with Weprin's vote to approve gay marriage in New York state."

CNN: "Meanwhile, the National Organization for Marriage cited Weprin's vote for the same-sex marriage amendment in Albany as the reason he lost. Though dominated by Democrats, the district is anything but liberal when it comes to social issues."

This in addition to Human Events, The Weekly Standard, Slate, Time Magazine, The Village Voice, The Associated Press, Red State, etc...