Ripple Effect: NY Democrats Worried About Getting "Weprined" for Their SSM Support Next Election


David Weprin's historic loss, precipitated by his support for gay marriage, has other Democrats in the empire state spooked, The New York Capitol News reports:

Some Democratic sources claim Councilman Lew Fidler is worried last night’s election returns imperil his expected bid to replace indicted Sen. Carl Kruger. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods where Turner performed strongest constitute the core of Kruger’s district. One of Kruger’s most likely Republican opponents, attorney David Storobin, said Fidler’s positions on social issues might cause a similar Orthodox backlash against him.

... Weprin’s loss could complicate the Queens Democrats’ efforts to take out GOP Councilman Dan Halloranin 2013. Jerry Iannece was angling for Weprin’s seat in the Assembly, but now is instead almost sure to run against Paul Vallone in a Democratic primary for Halloran’s seat. That could lead to a repeat of their divisive 2009 primary, which helped Halloran win the seat.

Also, Weprin's loss means it will be more difficult to redistrict the 9th Congressional District, as Tea Party Nation mentions. New York is losing two congressional seats as a result of the 2010 census. True to form, New York --a state which just legalized SSM-- is contracting, not expanding.

We'll be reporting on more fall-out from Weprin's loss in the days and weeks ahead.