"Jews or Gays?" Shocked Pundits Continue Debating SSM Role in NY-9


FrumForum (whose founder David Frum recently announced he's pro-gay marriage) wistfully hopes gay marriage was not the issue for Jews in NY-9:

I guess that NY-09 has something fundamental to it. Either NY-09 Jews are so fed up – like everyone else – with the economy that it trampled their normal allegiances, or President Obama has sunk to the level of President Carter and gone beyond acceptable “tough love” for Israel. Liberal, pro-gay marriage Democrats have run in NY-09 before, and they have won the support of the majority of NY-09 Jews. This time, however, most of the black hats (Orthodox Jews) showed up at the Republican victory party. I say the Jewish vote is changing; look for it to drop as low as 65 percent Democrat in the 2012 election (allowing for the right Republican candidate).

But over at the Washington Times, another Jewish Republican Eric Golub admits that gay marriage was the big issue for Orthodox Jews:

Yes, as stunning as it sounds, gay marriage was quietly an issue in this race. Most Jews are secular, and support gay marriage. Orthodox Jews are mostly against it. While Orthodox Jews are only 10% of the total Jewish population, they make up a large part of this one congressional district.