Rush Limbaugh is Right! Dems Will Pay for Judge Walker’s Arrogance and Insults to American People


NOM released the following statement this afternoon, after’s Rush Limbaugh’s commentary on the Prop 8 ruling:

Many Republicans shy away from gay marriage, but not Rush Limbaugh.  After Judge Walker's ruling, Rush said on the air that his emails were boiling over from voters angry at the way their voices and values are being ignored:
Rush Limbaugh:  “The American people are boiling.  The American people are furious.  My e-mails are unbelievable.  This federal judge yesterday, this decision, Prop 8, California, has just put people over the edge, and all of these decisions are coming one after another from all corners of the federal government.  It's as if we have absolutely no say in what is going on all around us.  Decisions are being made for us, in lieu of us and imposed on us."

Rush went on to say that the real civil right threatened by the Prop 8 litigation were Californians' right to vote:

Rush Limbaugh:  “We hear a lot of talk from the Obama administration about "civil rights."  Everything is turned into a civil rights issue -- equal rights, equal protection rights, whatever.  Endless things are done against us in the name of civil rights. But what is a more fundamental right -- a fundamental civil right in our system of government in a supposed republic -- than the right to have our voice heard, to have our vote respected? You want to talk about civil rights?  It doesn't matter what the people of California vote.  If the left doesn't like it, they will use the bastardization of power in this country to reverse it.  What about our vote being respected?  Without that right, we're no longer a republic.  The left only loves elections when they win them.  . . .
Because your Democrat Party has been hijacked firmly now by the extreme left worldwide.  If elections don't matter, we're no longer a republic.  If one judge, an activist judge using his personal policy preferences, can overturn an election involving seven million votes, then elections don't matter.”

Rush said Judge Walker had put the people on trial and found them guilty:
“According to Judge Walker's reasoning every single one of these Americans is a bigot whose opinion on marriage has no place under Judge Walker's Constitution.  . . .  Judge Vaughn Walker, California, did not just slap down the will of seven million voters.  Those seven million voters were put on trial, a kangaroo court where everything was stacked against them.  He wanted to make it a show trial.  He wanted cameras.  US Supreme Court said no way.  Seven million California voters, your vote just wasn't overturned, you were on trial and now marriage has been codified as homophobia.  According to this judge, the only reason marriage is between a man and a woman is because heterosexuals have been discriminating against gays because they're homophobic.  So marriage, if this is upheld, marriage is simply codified homophobia.  And the purpose of this, of course, is to just rip to shreds the traditions and institutions that have defined the United States of America.  This "trial," Judge Walker, Judge Vaughn Walker, this "trial" -- and I put that in quotes -- was truly bizarre.  But most importantly the sponsors of the initiative ended up being on trial.  The voters of Prop 8 ended up being on trial.

I mean, same-sex marriage laws have been the subject of previous trials:  Iowa, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, elsewhere in California.  In none of these previous same-sex marriage trials were the thoughts of those who were either for or against the initiatives in question put on trial, the thoughts, the imagined thoughts, the perceived thoughts.  In other words, those of you who voted for Prop 8 in California are guilty of hate crimes.  You were thinking discrimination. That's what this judge has said!  Truly unprecedented.  Never before have people been put on trial for their thoughts in same-sex marriage cases, but it's now happened.”

Maggie Gallagher, Chairman of the Board of NOM, applauded Rush Limbaugh’s comments:
“At a time when many Republicans shy away from so-called social issues, Rush Limbaugh, who is not himself noted as a social conservative, had the courage to call Judge Walker's opinion what it really is: a slur against the American people. And he's right, too:  Democrats will pay a price for Judge Walker's sins this November.”

To read Rush Limbaugh’s transcript in its entirety:

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