NYC City Council Speaker Says SSM Didn't Sink Weprin, But Ignores the Evidence


Daily Politics:

Our Reuven Blau reports that when asked today about the impact of SSM on the NY-9 race, [New York City Council Speaker, Christine C.] Quinn, who is openly gay, responded:

"I do not believe that people voting for marriage equality hurts them in elections and I don't believe it hurt Assemblymember Weprin. Look at Gov. Cuomo. There is no one in the city or state of New York more associated with the important victory of marriage equality than Gov. Cuomo. And just yesterday we saw that he has sky-high approval ratings," she said.

But how will Cuomo's current approval rating help the senators who made themselves vulnerable by betraying their constituents when they redefined marriage?

Cuomo may be popular in New York right now, but not popular enough to save Weprin from the voters of his district.

The "Flash" Survey we released on the day of the election shows that, among likely voters, marriage absolutely mattered in in NY-9: among those who agree with the traditional definition of marriage, 44% said Weprin's position was a factor in their vote (including 72% of Orthodox Jews).