Autonomy of Some Student Groups at Vanderbilt In Doubt After Gay Complaint


World On Campus:

Five Christian student groups at Vanderbilt University are fighting to stay on campus and retain their religious freedom as administrators try to decide whether they are in violation of the school's nondiscrimination policy.

... Vanderbilt administrators began a review of all student organizations earlier this year after Christian fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi asked an openly gay member to resign. He subsequently filed a discrimination complaint.

... In a column published in The Tennessean on Sept. 14, law and political science professor Carol M. Swain accused the university of trying to destroy all religious organizations.

"If this policy is implemented, it will make it harder for the students to have on-campus fellowship with like-minded believers and it will make it more difficult for them to grow in or even maintain their faith while on campus," she wrote. "The policy sends a clear message to students: religious associations are not a valued or respected part of the university's ideological diversity."